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Posted By: Mr Happy
19-Jul-02 - 05:27 AM
Thread Name: Mudcat FAQ - Newcomer's Guide
Subject: RE: Mudcat FAQ - Newcomer's Guide
i've recently been exploring some of the threads posted in the past, some going back several years.

sometimes a topic in these old threads seems also relevant now, so i've refreshed it along with adding my comments. often these revived threads are then further added to by other respondents [often new mcs]

some of these threads are now getting inconveniently long.

i've looked through the various mc resources & faqs on the subject of making 'blue clickies' but these seem to refer to making links to other sites.

i know i'm being very long winded here, so to avoid beating about the bush or procrastinating any further, [:)],i'll come to the point.

can someone give info. on how to make 'blue clickies' as links for the purpose of making 'part 2,3, etc' threads for the overly long ones mentioned above?

i'd also need to be able to make retrospective links back to the original thread[s].

i'm also a bit dim on being able to absorb technical stuff, so i'd appreciate it if the instructions for the procedure could be made as a simple step-by-step progression.


1. do something

2. do something else

3. do something more etc

many thanks in advance,

mr happy