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Posted By: Coyote Breath
21-Jul-02 - 03:24 AM
Thread Name: Origin: Long Black Veil
Subject: RE: Info Please: Long Black Veil
I've always liked and often sang Long Black Veil but I think the guy was a jerk since the gal chose to stay with her husband rather than save her lover's life, sheesh!

As for Streets of Laredo, I understood it to be a very close relative of the Saint James Hospital-Saint James Infirmary, also to be Irish in origin and further also to be of a young man dying of "the pox" The version I sing is a bit more graphic than the usual version in that the young cowboy asks that roses be strewn over his coffin to mask the smell and in the last verse he asks the singer for a glass of cold water and "...but when I returned the spirit had left him and gone to his maker, the poor boy had died." I cannot remember where I learned the song in the first place or where I had heard of its ties to Dublin's St. James Hospital (if there ever was such a place)

Life is full of mysteries.