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Posted By: Art Thieme
22-Jul-02 - 04:24 PM
Thread Name: ART THIEME gets LIFETIME Achievement Award!!
Subject: RE: ART THIEME gets LIFETIME Achievement Award!!
It was a marvelous day----even if it was over 100 degrees F in the sun. Old friends hauled Carol and I & my w.chair up there and new friends brought us home as we ain't driving now. Had a fine time hearing Annie Hills and P. & L. Berryman and even an amazing Czech bluegrass band.

Also, be sure to look for the rise of a great young prodigy country/bluegrass singer named AMY FINDERS. Nobody's voice has grabbed me like her voice and style and phrasing did yesterday in a long time. --- And I never ever thought I'd say T.G.F.S. (thank God for Starbucks) but that airconditioning sure did feel fantastic. And it's cool as hell to be able to say I got an award from Woodstock. Amy Beth and all her cohorts did a fine job. They took the placque off of all their teeth, gave it to me and it's now hanging proudly on my wall. ;-)

If any of you are having a hard time picturing WOODSTOCK, ILLINOIS, I can tell you that the town with it's picturesque town square, where this festival happened, is where BILL MURRAY's lovely film, GROUNDHOG DAY took place. (So I guess I ought to go back there today 'cause it's all gonna happen again and it'll be day job vu all over again.

Thanks again.

Art and Carol Thieme Peru, Illinois