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Posted By: SlickerBill
23-Jul-02 - 04:14 PM
Thread Name: Steve Earle takin' heat for new song
Subject: RE: BS: Steve Earle takin' heat for new song
Listen, I'm a Christian, but I'm not offended by Steve Earle; I think the guy's great, and I think what's been said above about artists speaking out, and giving us another point of view is right on the money. that's their/our job. Just one little request. When you accuse all Christians of being dinks, don't you think that's just a bit hypocritical? I mean, if a Christian was to get on here and submit such a blanket statement about, say, Moslems, people here would go nuts, right? And rightly so. And yet I get the feeling here that all Christians are stereotyped as narrow minded, blow hard bigots. Yes, I know many Christians who fit this description, but it would be wrong to say all Christians are the same. Such a statement is, in itself, bigotry, and those who make such statements seem to me to be as bigotted and arrogant as those they are criticizing. sb