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Posted By: Kim C
24-Jul-02 - 05:44 PM
Thread Name: Steve Earle takin' heat for new song
Subject: RE: BS: Steve Earle takin' heat for new song
Leej, you are sure right about Nashville. :-) Even Chet Atkins said so. But he used to pretty much own Nashville, and could say whatever he wanted to, because nobody, I mean NOBODY, would touch Chet. It's true, he was part of the Establishment at a time when the Establishment was different. He didn't make much bones about the fact he didn't care for what the Establishment had become.

My favorite song of Steve Earle's is Nothing But a Child. It's on the Copperhead Road album (that's another of my favorite songs), and has also been recorded by Robin and Linda Williams as a Christmas song, even though Steve says he didn't write it as such. It's about the Wise Men and their journey to find this precious gift, which turns out to be, well, nothing but a child.

They chased a brand new star
Ever toward the west
Across the mountains far
And when they came to rest
They could scarce believe their eyes
They'd come so many miles
This miracle they prized
Was nothing but a child
Nothing but a child can wash those tears away
And guide a weary world into the light of day Nothing but a child can help erase those miles
So once again we all can be children for awhile

I have a hard time singing that one 'cause it gets me all choked up. And I don't even have any kids.