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Posted By: Susanne (skw)
25-Jul-02 - 04:26 PM
Thread Name: Info: Ding Dong Dollar
Subject: RE: Info: Ding Dong Dollar
You're right, Art - Kennedy gets several mentions, not just in this song (although none of my recordings seems to have Jack's verse - thanks!).

We Dinna Want Polaris (tune: Three Craws):
Anchors aweigh for Poppa Kennedy, Poppa Kennedy, Poppa Kennedy
Anchors aweigh for Poppa Kennedy, and ta-ta tae Polaris

Ye'll No Sit Here (Tune: Hey Jock Ma Cuddy):
He telephoned the White House, but a' that he could hear
Was, Twa, one, zero - and the line went queer
'Cos' Jack had dropped the H-bomb and he gie'd hissel' a shroud
And he met wi' Billy Graham on a wee white cloud

Boomerang (tune: Bless 'Em All, not on the album but in the show)has this refrain:
Boomerang, boomerang
Just send them back whaur they belang
Alang wi' auld Adenauer, Kennedy's pal
Signor Fanfani and Chairlie de Gaulle
For we dinnae like gifts that go bang
Just try one and see if I'm wrang
The banners are wavin', wha's next for the shavin'
So open your boom, boomerang

However, apart from the middle one, these are fairly mild, aren't they?