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Posted By: Little Hawk
26-Jul-02 - 01:03 AM
Thread Name: The worst album cover ever
Subject: RE: The worst album cover ever

Had a look at those blue clickies up there.

Regarding John & Yoko, I don't find that picture offensive particularly. It's just a bit...unusual. There's nothing erotic about it, nor any intention that way in the first place obviously, which is kind of refreshing in these times. I'll tell you what I find offensive...all the stupid soft pornography in advertising, women's fashion magazines, movies, etc. Then there are the men's magazines which go beyond soft pornography to totally soulless vulgarity and absolute obscenity. John and Yoko were eccentric, John was sometimes egomaniacal and insecure, but they were a big improvement on Madison Avenue as far as I'm concerned. In their own confused way they were actually trying to improve the world. How many big business people try to do that?

Regarding Cream and the "Wheels Of Fire" album (probably inspired by a certain Dylan song)...AGREED! That awful, awful psychedelic art...oooog! I couldn't stand it even back then.

But I like the way the lads look with their long hair and baroque clothing styles! Lovely. It was a time when the past was still honoured...they could almost be French musketeers or something like that. I loved the way young people looked then, and I still love it now in retrospect, for all the silliness of the time. Nowadays (in general) they mostly just look like ghetto punks from Los Angeles or somewhere romance, no style, no celebration of life, but lots of metal objects stuck through their anatomy. It's nihilistic and very sad.

LEJ, etc - I also am scrupulously avoiding the mention of the word S**tner in thread titles. I think you know why. Fortunately, Big Bill is so big that I am sure he will keep showing up here and there regardless... :-)

- LH