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26-Jul-02 - 07:39 AM
Thread Name: Help: nic jones reissue
Subject: RE: Help: nic jones reissue
I thought Bulmer allowed Mick Tems family to re-release the material, rather than released it themselves?

There is so much garbage in defence of CM here that it's clear some guests are being deliberately dishonest - and, as I have suggested before, they are almost certainly directly connected to CM or to a certain paranoid individual who has an intense personal dislike of much of the English folk world.

As for 'signing away' rights - remember, a contract MAY be made verbally - I have a nasty suspicion that in many cases there is no trace of the claimed agreements. Where Bulmer is denying artists income which is legitimately theirs is by refusing to register his recordings with MCPS, denying the artists royalties.

Oh, and to remaster and re-release on CD is a very expensive business (as Ralphie can attest) - to do a CM-CDROM copy from an indifferent master is EXTREMELY cheap. Those who want to hear Nic Jones can and should buy the two Mollie Music recordings (and the early June Tabor and Silly Sisters albums if you just want his instrumental efforts).

Of course in a free world anyone is also free to support the work of the unscrupulous (ok, I can't spell that) and imoral Dave Bulmer - if that's the values they want to live by then that is their choice; no-one has ever denied that.

George (Hawes), as guest.