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Posted By: Nick J
12-Dec-96 - 06:37 AM
Thread Name: Origin: I Loved a Lad
Subject: Lyr Add: I LOVED A LAD
Hi Dick,

Thanks for your suggestion, but unfortunately the 'grey hawk' is not the same song. I will include the lyrics to the song (hopefully I've transcribed them okay) in case this helps jog anyone's memory.

Thanks again,

I loved a lad, and I loved him so well.
But I hated all others who spoke of his ills.
But now he's rewarded, may well for my love.
Now he's gone to another.

And I sell my love, down by the corrach side
All bridesmaids and braid walk on down by his side.
I sat down beside him and I poured out the wine.
Now he's wed to another.

The lads in the forest, they ask of me.
"How many wild strawberries, grow in the deep sea?"
I ask them the same, I ask them quite plain,
"How many ships sail in the forest?"

Dig me a grave, both long and both deep.
And cover it over with flowers so sweet.
And maybe's a turning to take a long sleep?
And maybe's in time I'll forget him?