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Posted By: Susanne (skw)
26-Jul-02 - 10:04 PM
Thread Name: Info: Ding Dong Dollar
Subject: RE: Info: Ding Dong Dollar
Thanks for your input, Jim (and everybody else, of course)! This thread has really taken off.
A few more of the participants in the 'Eskimo' show were Arthur Johnstone and Gordeanna McCulloch, Chris Miles, Maureen Jelks and Aileen Carr (collectively known as Palaver at the time - and how I regret they never made a CD!) Enoch Kent had flown over all the way from Canada in order not to sing - his throat was "knackered with a capital F", as Danny Kyle put it!
I suppose it's different for those who were Eskimos, but I enjoyed the show and learned about a whole lot of songs I'd never known before. It was only afterwards I found the old albums - DDD, the Nigel Denver one, and the one about the events at UCS in 1972.
At the risk of getting on all your nerves, I'd like to come back to my favourite question: Jim, are there any particular stories attached to any of these songs? (Or to any of your other ones.) What sets you off writing about a certain topic, etc? That's what I'd love to hear more about.