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Posted By: Genie
02-Aug-02 - 04:43 AM
Thread Name: Playing With Acrylic Finger Nails
Subject: RE: Help: Playing With Acrylic Finger Nails
Nicole, before I got the salon acrylic nails, I had bought some cheap glue-on nails and put two of them on. I liked the way I could play with them on, but as my nails started to grow out, I had these sharp edges where the fake nail ended, and, for the life of me, I couldn't get the blasted things off!

It took Tony at the nail salon at least 5 to 10 minutes to get the fake nails off without ruining my own nails.

He put pre-formed nail tips on my 3 fingers, because my own nails had torn so badly (from playing guitar) that I had had to cut them down to the quick, as it were. The rest was acrylic painted onto my own nails. Now that my nails have grown out some and I've had a "fill" done, I no longer have any "fake nails" glued onto my own nails. It's all bonded acrylic, and nothing seems to break them.