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Posted By: Songbob
05-May-99 - 05:08 PM
Thread Name: YOUR Best original single lines.
Subject: RE: YOUR Best original single lines.
Here are several lines from songs of mine. I don't have a favorite, but these are some of the ones I like:

(I've interpreted "lines" to be "sentences," even when the sentence covers more than one line of the lyric.)

Then one lone voice began to sing, and others joined along,
Till from a thousand throats there came the notes of this one song:

(from: The Corliss Engine)

Ebeneezer is the focus of the fuss!

(from: The Scrooge In All of Us)

The change she saw within him then brought fear into her life --
Cold passion, without compassion's trace.

(from: Cold Passion)

When I was young, it seemed to me
There wasn't a thing I couldn't be.

(from: World of Time)

One last, long, lazy, looning laughing lark,
Before the winter comes so cold and dark.

That should be enough, I'd say.

Bob Clayton