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Posted By: John Minear
02-Aug-02 - 01:40 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req/Add: Dinah / Save Dinah for the Night
Subject: Lyr Add: DINAH (Dwight Diller, Sheila Kay Adams)
Here are the lyrics from Sheila Kay Adams' version of "Dinah", from A SPRING IN THE BURTON COVE. She learned it from Dwight Diller of West Virginia. The first verse is from Dwight and Sheila wrote the second and third verses.

Dinah, Oh Dinah, please say that you'll be mine
Take you home and love you, and kiss you all the time,
I'll kiss you all the time, I'll kiss you all the time.

It's rainin', it's pourin', the rain is falling down,
If I can't have my Dinah, I'll have no one in town,
I'll have no one in town, I'll have no one in town.

Snowin', it's snowin', the world is turnin' white,
Sun lights up the daytime, save Dinah for the night,
Save Dinah for the night, save Dinah for the night.

Here is Dwight Diller's version of "Dinah", from his recording O DEATH.

Dinah, Oh, Dinah, say that you'll be mine.
Take you home and kiss you, well kiss you all the time.
Kiss you all the time, yes, kiss you all the time.

You can ride the old grey horse, and I will ride the roan.
If you get there before we do, leave my Diner alone.
Leave my Diner, alone, yes, leave my Diner alone.

Wisht I had a banjo string made of golden twine,
Every tune I'd pick on it were, "I wisht that gal was mine,"
Wisht that Diner was mine, yes, wisht that Diner was mine.

Rainin' and it's pourin', the creek is raisin' fast,
Thought my Dinah cared for me, but knowed it would not last,
Knowed it would not last, yes, knowed it would not last.

Longest train I ever saw was fourteen coaches long,
Only girl I ever loved is on the train and gone,
On the train and gone, yes, on the train and gone.

Went to town the other day, Dinah passed me by,
Knowed her mind was changin' by the rollin' of her eye,
Rollin' of her eye, yes, the rollin' of her eye.

If I'd known before I courted that love was a killin' thing,
Locked my heart in a box of steel and tied it with a string,
Tied it with a string, yes, tied it with a string.

Rainin' and it's pourin', fallin' from the sky,
My true love went back on me, I will surely die,
I will surely die, yes, I will surely die.

My true love went back on me, I wouldn't last a month,
My true love went back on me, durn her, let her go,
Durn her, let her go, yes, durn her, let her go.

Both Sheila and Dwight do a very nice job on the banjo with this song.