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Posted By: arkie
05-May-99 - 06:08 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Everytime I go to town (?)
Subject: RE: Lyric help: Everytime I go to town (?)
Vance Randolph included the song in volume III of his four volume set of Ozark Folk Songs. According to Randolph, Champ Clark used the song in his 1912 campaign for President. The second infantry of the Missouri National Guard played the song with such relish and so frequently that it was reportedly known as the Hound Dog Regiment. Supposedly the song was claimed by Arkansans as the work of an Arkansas Ozark man, which is probably true because the descendants of the hound dog live across the street and steal my newspaper on occasion. However, folks in Missouri also lay claim to the song. A postmaster in Taney County Missouri claimed that the song was written about Zeke Parrish who had been arrested for fighting in the streets of Forsyth with someone who had kicked his dog. Lem Brown was probably related to someone on the town council because his name did not come up. Another fellow claimed, without any evidence, that the song had been sung frequently by Daniel Boone who died in Missouri during the 1820's. This was possibly the same chap who claimed to own Daniel Boone's axe. The handle had only been replaced four times and the head twice. There is also a old 78 record by Harlan & Porter or Harlan & Collins, but I can't locate it at present with a verse or two that is not in the Randolph volume.