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04-Aug-02 - 02:47 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Legend of Roseberry (Vin Garbutt)
Subject: Lyr Add: DANNY DANIELLE (Vin Garbutt)
Just in case the song asked for is DANNY DANIELLE...

(Vin Garbutt)

A lad sat down in Priory Square
One Sunday morning in Guisborough fair.
He heard a maid making her moan.
Her true lover had gone from his home.
"What is your sorrow, maiden?" he said.
"My only sorrow is my maidenhead.
I kept it--I kept it fourteen years to the day,
But Danny Danielle took it away.

"I wore a dress that was lily white.
Now my costume is black as the night.
I am disowned by all I know well,
For close embracing with Danny Danielle."
He wiped a tear from her eye in despair.
"Your costume hides 'neath your golden hair,
So care not--so care not for the wrong that you've done.
The wrongs against you are ten to your one."

She said, "Kind sir, I thank you indeed,
But I must leave Guisborough town with speed.
I only know that weak I would be
If Danny Danielle came back for me.
For the last time he has caused me strife
And left me here alone with my life.
My waist is--my waist is thick and I am not well,
Again forsaken by Danny Danielle.

He took her hand and he bade her goodbye.
For the South and the sun she did flee.
She passed the hill of Roseberry
Just as the sun disappeared o'er the Tees.
God only knows what happened that night.
The world did sleep until the daylight.
That lad he--that lad he knew he ne'er would sleep sound
Till Danny Danielle justice had found.

That lad sat down in Priory Square
One Sunday morning in the fall of the year.
He spied a drunk standing alone
Reading the words on a lonely gravestone.
"Here lies a girl and the child that she bore...."
He turned his head. He could read no more.
He murmured, "I am disowned by all I know well,
For my name it is Danny Danielle."

Hope that helps. Cheers.