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Posted By: Genie
07-Aug-02 - 01:26 AM
Thread Name: Playing With Acrylic Finger Nails
Subject: RE: Help: Playing With Acrylic Finger Nails
Nicole, good question -- about nail polish/ nail hardener vs. acrylics and "breatheability--and one that someone should be able to answer.   I have personally never heard of nail polish causing the kind of nail deterioration that acrylics are alleged to do.  In any event, one solution would be to remove the nail polish/nail hardener nightly and replace it before your next picking session.  You can't readily do this with acrylic coatings.

The reason I "go artificial" with such short nails is that mine kept tearing off from time to time so short that the tender area that's normally under the nail was sometimes hitting the guitar strings and causing great pain and irritation.  Plus, on some songs  (e.g., Irish jig tempos) I use a picking style that's done with the nail, rather than with the finger tip.  (This is the picking style that I would use finger picks for -- if they would stay on.)

I might try silk wraps if they are cheaper than acrylics.  I don't really want to lengthen the nail a lot, just keep my nails from breaking off totally, as they do when I don't "enhance" them.

Murray, " sick could a nail be?"  Well, if it gets a fungus, pretty damned sick!!!  (But I don't think acrylics per se cause the fungus. I have had toenail fungus, and I never even use nail polish on my toenails.)

Jeri, well, there's:
acrylic  Cyrillic  senilic  idyllic  dactylic  angelic  guerrillic  supersillic  Paul Tillich  civillic ... (OK, I made some of 'em up.  But so did my hero, Ogden Nash.)

Some will say that acrylic
Makes your nails go "senilic,"
They'll lie there in ruin
And be your undoin',
Pickin' with your fake new wonder hands.

Ducking and running for cover....