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Posted By: Jeri
07-Aug-02 - 10:01 AM
Thread Name: Playing With Acrylic Finger Nails
Subject: RE: Help: Playing With Acrylic Finger Nails
Jed, you can use a bench grinder or jigsaw, I'd imagine. (Sheesh - reminded of the guy who hammers his whiskers in and bites 'em off! Maybe another song...)

I've done a detailed analysis of why the nails come loose. Basically, my method for completing this study involved staring at my nails. I think it's the shape of the nail - if they aren't much wider at the top than the bottom, there won't be a big gap. Also, the way the nail curves - if the curve is greater at the tip, the hard material of the acrylic will pull up and away. If they're flatter at the tip, the middle will pull off.
The local nail salon is the place where
I go when e're the concrete sanding fails
The ladies ask if they can perm my face hair
And I say "just stick acrylic on my nails"

Funny, but all my fingers seem curvier at the top except my index finger. The center of the nail actually felt like it was burning a bit before the acrylic nail came off, which is why I picked at it. It may have just been trying to lift. I could probably get around this by having a thinner layer of acrylic put on (well, I did this one myself and I globbed the stuff on) or just having the tips done.