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Posted By: Big Mick
07-Aug-02 - 09:17 PM
Thread Name: Playing With Acrylic Finger Nails
Subject: RE: Help: Playing With Acrylic Finger Nails
Murray........All the while I was in the "Miss Saigon Nail Salon" I kept looking over my shoulder expecting to see Max, Jeri, Jeff, Rick, Dan Milner, THE FAIR ONE, Kath W, Bill D, Ferrara, Clinton, Justa Picker, kat, harpgirl, Art and Marum, laughing your arses off at the sight of this huge Irishman amongst all the fair ladies and the beautiful, if slight of stature, Vietnamese Nail Tech's giggling as they put my nails on. I actually enjoyed the attention. These things will take some getting used to. For one thing, I am going to have to file them down a fair bit. They are far to long. They also left them mostly square with rounded corners. I will make them much more of a rounded point. But I really like the way they feel. I am hopeful that this is the answer.

All the best,