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Posted By: Kaleea
08-Aug-02 - 02:19 AM
Thread Name: Origins: America, The Beautiful
Subject: RE: America, The Beautiful
I really love this hymn--that is how I think of it. When I was in music school, twentymmmmmmm years ago, several of my professors & many folks across the nation were suggesting it as a better choice for our national anthem, (as opposed to an old English drinking song tune--ironic, huh)especially since The Star Spangled Banner is quite difficult for the amateur to sing. I don't think it will happen, but it's an interesting thought. I also am one who thinks that if "Oiving" (Irving Berlin) were alive today, "God Bless America" would be freely sung by any American in most any performance situation without penalty or royalties. I believe that he would be greatly honored to know that his song was so revered that all his fellow country"men" (hey, I'm of the female persuasion & I ain't mad about the use of a generalized term-- Kaleea goes into the native hick twang common to her native geographic location-- ". . . this here ain't France whur even taybulz n churz n pinsulz aire spoke uv as male er female!"--OK, back to my rampage) love his song so that they sang it to comfort a nation--his nation--at one of their/our most desperate times of need. What greater compliment & honor could a composer have? This I believe because when he came to America, he was a child of poor immigrants, & he was extremely patriotic & dearly loved America; & inasmuchas his "family" was able to have plenty of $$ from his many other fabulous songs & Broadway shows, that one more or less should not lighten their piggy bank very much. OK, I'm done for now.