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Posted By: The Shambles
09-Aug-02 - 08:05 AM
Thread Name: Action For Music. PELs
Subject: RE: Action For Music. PELs
Tune is 'Villikins and his Dinah' [or the Yetties 'threshing machine - 'Filing it here fling it there, and if your standing by then you'll all get your share].

Sing It Elsewhwere

Important to us, is to be able to sing

And thought by many, to be very fine thing

But councils officials, who can count up to three

Are making outlaws of you and of me

Sing it here
Sing it there
For the sake of the landlord

Please sing it elsewhere

I bring you news of a terrible fact

Singing in pubs is a criminal act

At the moment you're safe if there's only two

But there's even worse news, in the Parliament due

Sing it here etc

The two in a bar rule is to be taken away

Now, no one will be able to play

Folk songs from England or music from France

Without permission sought well in advance

Sing it here etc

They say you can't sing, "public safety I'm afraid"

It would seem to be fine, if your not paid?
Its only the Minister that quite understands

How the pub is unsafe, when 'money changes hands'

Sing it here etc

And the lads can crowd in, watch their team on TV
Need no, permission or a safe capacity

Can shout all they wish and nothing is wrong
Only, needing permission to burst into song

Sing it here etc

Football supporters with money to burn

Can wake up the neighbours, with no apparent concern

But you and the 'missus', you'd better beware
When you quietly burst into 'Scarborough Fair'

Sing it here etc

I would like you all to write your MP

Its time that they listened to you and to me

I don't know about you but I think this a farce

To hear politicians speak out of their (dispatch box)

Sing it here
Sing it there
For the sake of the landlord

Please sing it elsewhere