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Posted By: Helen
10-Aug-02 - 02:45 AM
Thread Name: Help: harp for beginners
Subject: RE: Help: harp for beginners
Hi gelfling, and other harpers and harp-lovers,

I've been trying to get into this thread for a couple of days but the gremlins were stopping me.

Looks like you have some good advice so far.

Is it a wire-strung or a nylon (or gut) strung harp? That narrows down the field a bit for suppliers. I get my nylon strings on mail order - one or many, as required - from Markwood Strings

They do a string analysis which identifies the best gauge and composition for your harp, and then supply the strings. If you need nylon strings I can recommend Markwood over Robinsons, in my humble opinion. The Markwood have an easier feel to them - less tension and more sound quality.

Anyway, the bad news is that you have already been struck by the harp-lust virus and there is no known cure. You are hooked for life now - 2 minutes of sleep sacrificed here, 2 minutes there, an interloper harp, 2 interloper harps - the results can be catastrophic.

Helen in Newcastle, Oz