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Posted By: Amos
11-Aug-02 - 01:42 AM
Thread Name: MUDCAT CD VIII: Azure Morning Tunes!!
Subject: RE: MUDCAT CD VIII: Azure Morning Tunes!!
Well, better late than never!

1: Collection: A large collection of CDs, tapes, minidisks, MP3s by email has built up in my office in San Diego. From this cornucopia of music I am putting together a set of selections representing all facets of the myriad Mudcat chorale.

2. Selection: In a table in the thread before this one, Section VII, I showed those preferences I had decided on to date, with a lot of TBDs. In addition a lot of songs came in on tape and still have to be captured digitally which I am doing slowly but surely.

3. Art work -- we have a pretty nice draft of the cover and volunteers standing by to finish the art work when the text and production list for each of the several CDs is readied.

4. Production: I am waiting to hear the results of Max' discussion with Dick about their preferences, but one storng contender is farming theproiduction to an online house such as Mixonics.

5. Distribution: Dick may take care of the orders processing, or we may work out some other way to do it -- this is TBD.

The long pole in the tent right now is me, I 'm afraid, because the real world keeps raising its ugly snout and preempting my time. But after mid-August I expect that will improve. Barky goes to college and some simplification of my job is forthcoming where I will get to shed some of my duties, thank Gawd. So our progress should pick up nicely by Fall.

Guess that's about it.

Very best,