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Posted By: Art Thieme
11-Aug-02 - 10:42 PM
Thread Name: Art Thieme Recordings - Now on CD!
Subject: RE: Art Thieme Recordings

That's amazing you doing all that. It looks great. Maybe I did some o.k. stuff after all. You people are all too much. It's very nice of you to say these things.

The reason I repeated certain songs on recordings made long after the original LPs went out of print is that I wanted to show young folks some of those songs too. I was sure those older things would never see the light of day and I wanted to rub Fantasy Records nose in the stuff because they keep sitting on my old albums done for ED Denson at Kicking Mule. ED is a prince of a guy and a committed advocate for this planet and things green. He became a lawyer to be better able to fight those battles in Northern California. I do hope that the cash he got from selling K.M. has made his good work easier. (The same goes for ED's ex-partner at Kicking Mule, Stefan Grossman.)-----------Sandy and Caroline Paton at Folk Legacy have always kept me stuff available and I thank them heartily for that. Besides being an early mentor for me, Sandy is a great friend. Working with all of them there in Sharon was an exciting event for me every time I had the pleasure of standing in that huge room and singing into their mikes even if cars sometimes went by and screwed up some good takes. **BG**

That cassette the Winfield, Kansas Festival and Bob Redford put out from my shows there was a benefit to help us after one of my my various surgeries and I think that the telling of "The Great Turtle Drive" on that recording is one of the best times I ever told it. That great festival and their National Flat-picking Championship etc. contests are coming closer as we speak. It's toward the end of September---about a month away. I wish I could click my heels together and be in Kansas with you all. Ah, to sit in that trailer when it's 111 degrees in the shade judging 75 contestants!!?? Ah, nostalgia. **another BG**

That record for Charlott's Web in Rockford, Illinois, Get Folked, was put out 30 years ago as of 2003. That's just hard for me to grasp...

That On The River cassette I made in two hours---mostly all first takes I think. I needed something to sell at those steamboat gigs through the '80s and '90s.

There. A few of my remembrances of those doings. It's fun dredging up those times again.