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Posted By: Vixen
07-May-99 - 09:03 AM
Thread Name: Harmonica repair
Subject: Harmonica repair

I know I ask an awful lot of questions here, and you folks are always coming through for me. Believe me, I am grateful!!!


Here's another request!!!

My dad's Harpo Club met for the first time this year last night, and one of the members (not my dad) wanted to know if he could get his harmonica rechromed, or polished, or something that would make it look "good" again. I kind of like it the way it looks now--the chrome is worn off from decades of playing, and the red paint/stain on the wooden sides is worn away too--but he wants it to look new again. It's an old Hohner. The member's name is Arkie, and he plays the most beautiful old Finnish love songs on this thing--it brings tears to my eyes and raises the hair on my arms (6th sense stuff, I know!)

Any advice, suggestions, web sites, etc.???

I told Arkie I'd call him on Monday with any info I could find.

Thanks So Much!!!!