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Posted By: Margo
07-May-99 - 10:39 AM
Thread Name: Idea for bringing songs out of threads
Subject: Idea for bringing songs out of threads.....
John in Brisbane made a comment in the "more music and less BS" thread that gave me an idea. John said that discussions about songs appear in some of our non musical titled threads, and since he doesn't have the time to read them all, he misses out on the musical discussion. He wished there was a way to bring those musical conversations to the surface. Well.......

I figure that since many of us know how to do the wondrous Blue Clicky Thing, we could take it upon ourselves to create a new thread with a link. So if a thread starts out with "Your favorite flowers" and a subsequent discussion of "Where have all the flowers gone" ensues, we sensitive and caring 'catters will think "say, John in Brisbane might want to see this", creating a new thread called "surfaced; Where have all the flowers gone", with the link to the beginning of the discussion.

(The grammer checker hates my loooooong sentences)Whaddya think, companions?