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07-May-99 - 11:39 AM
Thread Name: YOUR Best original single lines.
Subject: RE: YOUR Best original single lines.
Sandy, thanks for the compliment. Here's the whole song with notes. We wrote this song for our many precious friends just before we left Stillwater, OK. We thought we were going to move out of state, but we moved to Ada, OK instead. We actually lived out in the country 6 miles NE of Stillwater. This was our introduction to Oklahoma (having spent the previous 11 yrs in CT) and to the beauty and serenity of country life. We were leaving a lovely underground house surrounded by birds, flowers, and wild life. In the winter about 500 geese stayed over on our 22 acre pond/lake. THE GOLDEN ROLLING FIELDS OF OKLAHOMA Phil & Carol Norton, 1993. Adapted (plagiarized?) from "The Red-Tailed Hawk" by George Schroder, 1975) and sung beautifully by the late Kate Wolf on her 'Live at Austin' album.

The(Am) red-tailed hawk writes (G) songs across the (Am)sky, There's (Am) music in the (G)waters flowing (Am) by. And (Am) you can hear a (G) song each time the wind (Am) sighs, In the (G) golden rolling fields of (Am) Oklahoma (repeat line).

The martins brought the spring and north-wind squall, Our summer saw the pines, they grew so tall. And the snow geese brought the fall and coyote's call, To the golden rolling fields of Oklahoma (repeat line).

It's been too short, friends, since we've said hello, Our life, because of you, has flowered so. But to the far side of the hill we must go, From the golden rolling hills of Oklahoma (repeat line. (Repeat 1st verse)

Happy 100th to your your dad. I wish I could be there to hear you & Caroline. Don't forget to sing Tom Paxton's "Deep Fork River Blues", which you and Caroline taugh to me at Pinewoods '91.

Happy chords, Phil (aka folk1234)