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Posted By: Genie
13-Aug-02 - 07:44 PM
Thread Name: BS: Extremely silly thing to do
Subject: RE: BS: Extremely silly thing to do
LOL, Roger, Bill D, LTS, Troll!

Well, my brother once brushed his teeth with "Ting" (an athlete's foot preparation) by mistake.

Another lesson learned from my then teen-age brother: Do not stick your finger into the face of an open-mouthed box turtle, pointing and saying, "Oh, look! He's smiling at me!"

And, from sad experience, (yes, Kat) I can advise all of you to wash your hands thoroughly after applying Ben-Gay to sore muscles, especially if you're gonna rub your eyes -- or any other sensitive areas on yourself or your partner.

Seamus, don't fry ANYTHING in the nude -- not even in a bikini!

Never bathe a reluctant cat unless you are wearing goalie gear.

Lessons from my childhood years: -Do not attempt to find out whether an iron is on by running your thumb down the surface of the iron. -Do not slide down a snow-covered terrace in your Sunday clothes if you own a dog. -Never put an unknown cocoon in an open jar on top your refrigerator for the larvae to hatch. (We ended up with a houseful of miniature praying mantises.)

Re fish: If you need to separate a fish from other fish overnight, do not place it in a teacup. Fish jump.

Re cars: Never check your oil while the motor is running.

And, if you are a teen-age boy lighting a buddy's farts, do not stand behind him when you strike the match.