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Posted By: Jim Dixon
14-Aug-02 - 01:10 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Greek Lightning (Jez Lowe)
Subject: Lyr Add: GREEK LIGHTNING (Jez Lowe)
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(Jez Lowe)

I promised to show you Greek lightning,
Oh and your heart it was easily won,
Away from the drinking and fighting,
With nights in the taverns and days in the sun,
We could leave drunken Saturday nights,
And them cold, damp Wednesday sign-ons,
And see new skies lit up with Greek lightning.

You promised to show me Greek lightning,
Oh and my heart it was easily won,
Your words had a way so exciting,
Just like they always do, I should've known,
But time staggered on and I watched as you fell,
Into booze, bloody bad temper and hell,
But you always just managed to win me with talk of Greek lightning,

And dreams let you down; they just let you down,
But they never leave you.

At the wettest of Durham Big Meetings,
Oh how your heart it is easily won,
I shouted for tunes by The Beatles,
Not that fat man from Athens they kept putting on,
But the beer got me singing to his serenade,
While you laughed all embarrassed in your lemonade,
And I told you that one day I'd light up your sky with Greek lightning.

Many big meetings and chances have happened,
Oh since my heart it was easily won,
My hopes have grown slim as you've fattened,
On six pints a night, 'til your dole-money's gone,
Then you weep drunkard's tears all over my hand,
Sometimes call me a cow, then you think I'm your mam,
And I watch you look up for that flash in the pan for Greek lightning.

So we always make do for a week and a day,
With the hot sands of Roker or Whitley Bay,
And look to that high Northern Sky for a flash of Greek lightning.

[Recorded by Jez Lowe with the Bad Pennies on "Bede Weeps," Fellside FECD94, 1993; and on "Live at the Davy Lamp," Tantobie CD #100, 2001.]