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Posted By: katlaughing
07-May-99 - 11:13 PM
Thread Name: Idea for bringing songs out of threads
Subject: RE: Idea for bringing songs out of threads.....
The only thing that worries me about that is space and redundancy. How many threads can the system handle? And, how many times does a song come up in different threads? I think this could get out of hand, if everyone was to post a "surfaced" thread each time a song came up.

And, what about songs that are already in the DT, but the "surfaced" threadposter might not know that? I think it might get cumbersome. There must be some solutin other than people having to search through the threads. We lost Bruce O today because he said he just doesn't have time to go searching anymore and he'd been here since 1997.

I, personally, have not had a problem with this, but then I AM a social butterfly of sorts, so I am probably one of the ones, some of them wish would go away. Oh, well, too bad! This Mudder is entrenched and not about to go without her Mudcat!

Maybe one easy way for people to spot songs while scanning thread posting would be for everyone to put the titles and lyrics, within post, in bold and bigger print. Those commands are easy.

Or, even better, this is good, instead of our names listed as posters in a specific thread, IF we are going to post lyrics or something else about a song, we put that in where our name would go, instead. That way anyone looking at posters in a thread, could instantly see which one to click on for pertinent info. Oh, I like it!!!