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Posted By: Rick Fielding
07-May-99 - 11:37 PM
Thread Name: Mudcat: just music, or a mix?
Subject: RE: Mudcat: just music, or a mix?
Actually Tucker, though I have been known to flick a bit of feces into the furrower at times, this wasn't one of them. It was suggested in other threads that "music ONLY" mudcatters were becoming an increasing minority, and a couple of folks sincerely thought that the other threads were making it difficult for some to find the music that they were looking for. I think the constant use of the abbreviation for "bullshit" was a bit intimidating as well. It was also suggested that a gathering of opinions "yea, or nay" might help. I agreed, so I posted it.
I've contributed mainly to music threads (still got to do the "adjustable autoharp one") but several of the non-music ones recently have helped me resolve troubling issues, so I value this aspect of the Mudcat. Besides if it weren't for some of those threads labelled "BS", I wouldn't have gotten to know some bloody nice people. So I gotta come down on the "mix" side, but I'll sure listen to folks with the other point of view. When they post anonymously, I just chuckle.