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Posted By: campfire
07-May-99 - 11:37 PM
Thread Name: Idea for bringing songs out of threads
Subject: RE: Idea for bringing songs out of threads.....

Maybe its just my computer, but I cannot change my codename in the "From" line. I doubt I'm the only one, so that idea wouldn't work. I think maybe that got changed when some regulars were posting anonymously. Now to do that, you have to use a different browser or someone else's computer.

It WOULD be nice if somehow, when someone started a thread, if there was one already with the same name, it would automatically pop up. Right now there are three "Shenandoah" threads, a few weeks ago there were two "Beeswings" that started within a few days of each other - I'm sure that happens often. But that's probably not a realizable piece of technology.

Maybe instead of a "surfaced" thread for each song that comes up in a "b.s." thread (NOI), we could have one "surfaced songs" thread, and all the surfaced songs could be put there on separate messages. Persons who like to glean songs from those threads could just search this thread for other likely threads to muse over. Still time-consuming, but less so than searching ALL the threads.

Just thoughts....