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Posted By: GUEST,Fred Miller
19-Aug-02 - 05:45 PM
Thread Name: Need to learn to play leads
Subject: RE: Need to learn to play leads.....
Sure, take that f-chord and start to step away from it, or pieces of it, to add notes this way and that--two-string bits and pieces--and you start to relate it to the other chord shapes (imagine the open notes were barred, and you can move them the same way). It's not hard to learn the little scale patterns, and like the f-chord, just move them. Which scales will depend on what you want to do, what sound. You can do your c-scale over g chords for a sound, mixolidian--but the mode things--you don't have to get all mathy about it, just play around for the sound you like. The way you learn a chord shape is just like learning a scale pattern, you know where to put your fingers, you just don't do it all at once.