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Posted By: dwditty
20-Aug-02 - 10:35 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Bad Dream Blues (Dave Van Ronk)
Subject: RE: Van Ronk-Blues
The song is on at least one of Van Ronk's later CD's. I play this in English D (dropped D) with a capo on th e fourth fret. The vamp is a slide of a first position D chord from the first fret to its home position at the 2nd fret. The 6th string of the G is fretted at the 5th fret. I often slide my middle finger from a bflat to a b on th eG chord. Instead of an A chord, I finger an Am and bend the 2nd string up to get the full A chord. Not exactly as DVR did it, but it works.

Easy Rider, good to see you still around. And Tiger, too. If you have not purchased th enew DVR vides/DVD, do so. Recorded a year ago at the Bottom Line, I think. Solo DVR with his discussion of the music in between the songs. The camera work is such that you can see just what he is doing, too.


If you come on to paltalk, we could all get in a room and figure this song out once and for all.