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Posted By: GUEST,Fred Miller
21-Aug-02 - 04:58 PM
Thread Name: Need to learn to play leads
Subject: RE: Need to learn to play leads.....
Norton1 reminds me of the other things I was going to say, that with folk sometimes it's nice to play the lead with also enough bass, or stuff, arpeggios, or the dead bass thing to keep a rythmic thumping-- so you can keep the momentum if it's just you.

And sometimes it's more fun to learn from different instruments than from other guitar players. A sax solo might not sound right on an acoustic, so it makes you find a different way to get the effect, though you can't play the same notes the same way.

And remember, it's all about cars and babes, dude, seriously. The government's been trying to keep a lid on this screaming fingers info, but now it's leaked out. I wish I had screaming fingers, and I wish my true love told me what I was playing was beautiful, like Steve, but mine usually hands me a jar she can't open.