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Posted By: raredance
21-Aug-02 - 11:09 PM
Thread Name: Wild Boar: History, Lyrics & Discussion-Child #18
Subject: Lyr Add: OLD BANGUM
Here's one from New England. NOte that the "boar" has become a "bear". From "Ancient Ballads Traditionally Sung in New England" by Helen H Flanders (1960).


Old Bangum would a-hunting ride,
Derrum, derrum, derrum.
Old Bangum would a-hunting ride,
Old Bangum would a-hunting ride,
With sword and pistol at his side,

(use above pattern for following stanzas)

He rode unto the riverside,
Where he a pretty maid espied.

"Fair maid," said he, "will you marry me?"
"Ah no," said she, "for we'd ne'er agree."

"there lives a bear in yonder wood,
He'd eat your bones, he'd drink your blood.

Brave Bangum rode to the wild bear's den
Where lay the bones of a thousand men.

Brave Bangum and the wild bear fought;
At set of sun the bear was naught.

He rode again to the riverside
To ask that madi to be his bride.

rich r