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Posted By: C-flat
23-Aug-02 - 05:53 PM
Thread Name: Need to learn to play leads
Subject: RE: Need to learn to play leads.....
A good way to get into lead guitar is to use the minor pentatonic scale over a simple 12 bar(3 chord) blues pattern. If you choose to begin in the key of E, using A and B as your other chords, the minor pentatonic scale in E will fit across the chord changes without having to change scale.
As Fred Miller rightly says, you can find the same notes in different places with a guitar, so the best way is to learn several variations of the same scale.
For some tonal variety you might try starting of on the lower frets and working across the strings and up the neck through the pattern.
for example; minor pentatonic scale in E;
6/open 6/3 6/5 6/7 5/5 5/7 4/5 4/7 4/9 3/7 3/9 2/8 2/10 2/12 1/10 1/12
those notes are E G A B D E G A B D E G A B D E
The A note played towards the end of that run (2nd string or B string at the 10th fret is a favourite point for the traditional blues bend note.
The trick is to find small patterns within the scale and join them together into a solo lead.
Good luck and trust your ears more than the theory!