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Posted By: John Minear
24-Aug-02 - 03:18 PM
Thread Name: Wild Boar: History, Lyrics & Discussion-Child #18
Subject: Lyr/Tune Add: WILD HOG IN THE WOODS
Here is another reference to Ruby Bowman's version, as well as information on "Old Bangum" as a fiddle tune. This is from The Fiddler's Companion website (Ceolas)Fiddler. I've not heard this as a fiddle tune before.

OLD BANGUM. AKA and see "Wild Hog in the Woods," "Bangum."

WILD HOG IN THE WOODS [1]. AKA and see "Old Bangum." Old-Time, Breakdown. USA, southwestern Va., Kentucky. A Dorian (Phillips): D Dorian (Fuzzy Mtn. String Band). AEAE or GDGD (Taylor Kimble). One part. Alan Jabbour says (regarding some instrumental versions) the tune is "almost certainly" an instrumental adaptation of the tune used in the Appalachians for the ballad "Bangum and the Boar" (Child 18) or "Old Bangum." There are words collected by Henry Galssie in 1962 from Mrs. Ruby Bowman Plemmons (Washington, D.C.), who learned them from her mother who lived in Laurel Fork, southwestern Va. Another version was recorded for the Library of Congress from Dan Tate. Guthrie Meade (1980) points out the tune's high part is the same as the tune "Fun's All Over."

There is a wild hog in yonders woods
(diddle on down, diddle on day)
There is a wild hog in yonders woods
(diddleon down the day)
There is a wild hog in these woods,
That eats men and seeks their blood.
(Cut him down, cut him down, catch/kill him if you can).

There comes a wild hog through yonders mash (marsh?)
Splitting his way through oaks and ash.

We followed that wild hog to his den,
Found the bones of a thousand men.

We followed that wild hog day and night,
Swore we'd make that wild hog fight.

We killed that hog with sticks and knife,
Swore we'd take that wild hog's life.

Source for notated version: Taylor Kimble (Va.) [Phillips]. Phillips (Traditional American Fiddle Tunes), Vol. 2, 1995; pg. 171. Flying Fish FF-275, "The Blue Flame Stringband" (1982. Learned from Pete Sutherland). Heritage XXXIII, Kimble Family (Va.) - "Visits" (1981). Marimac 9000, Dan Gellert & Shoofly - "Forked Deer" (1986. Learned from Brad Leftwich). Marimac 9036, the Kimble Family - "Carroll County Pioneers." Rounder 0010, The Fuzzy Mountain String Band (1972. Learned from southwestern Va. fiddler Taylor Kimble).

WILD HOG IN THE WOODS [2]. Old-Time, Breakdown. USA, Kentucky. F Major. Standard. AABB. The tune was also recorded by Charlie Wilson and His Hayloft Boys on a Gennett 78 RPM disc. Source for notated version: Lonesome Luke and His Farmhands (Ky.) [Phillips]. Phillips (Traditional American Fiddle Tunes), Vol. 1, 1994; pg. 257. Champion 16229 & Gennett Records (78 RPM), Lonesome Luke and His Farm Hands {Ky} (1931. Backed with "Dogs in the Ashcan"). Morning Star 45004, Lonesome Luke & His Farmhands - "Wish I Had My Time Again." Marimac 9047, Mac Benford - "1st 1/2 C."
T:Wild Hog in the Woods
S:Pete Sutherland
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