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Posted By: Big Mick
09-May-99 - 10:44 PM
Thread Name: Lyr/Tune/Chords Req: A Mother's Love Is a Blessing
Subject: RE: LYR/CHORDS:A Mother's Love's a Blessing
Let me tell you all the wonders of technology. I had to play a solo gig in Lansing, Michigan today. Two world class Irish Dancers, the Quinns, asked me to provide 3 ten minute breaks during the show. Because their mother was going to be their, they asked me to perform this song. I had never heard it and posted this thread asking for the help. The fair Alison responds and we chat on ICQ. After she calls me "a big lump of an eejit" and questions how a fella who claims to be as Irish as I do could not know this song, she links me to Mick Brackens' lyrics (Thanks, Mick). Then she sends me a ten minute mediaring file in which she plays it on the piano, sings it to me (with the voice of an angel..........a little shameless sucking up there for those that didn't recognize it) and plays it and calls out the guitar chords. All this done real time with a person on the other side of the world. I spend a half hour or so arranging it to suit me, and performed it today. Mrs. Quinn comes up to me afterward with tears in her eyes and gives me a huge hug and thanks me. Ain't techno wonderful? And I did give credit to The Mudcat, Mick and The Fair Alison before I performed it. This technology has many uses for those of us that perform. Pretty cool, eh? You can send up to 15 minute recordings on the Net. It is not the best quality, but totally adequate.

Alison, I really appreciate the help. And I am working on that pickup line. LOL