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25-Aug-02 - 11:00 AM
Thread Name: Wild Boar: History, Lyrics & Discussion-Child #18
Subject: RE: Wild Boar: History, Lyrics & Discussion
Here is a version from Middle Tennessee (you know that there are three Tennessees: East Tennessee, Middle Tennessee, and West Tennessee, with very different cultures and histories). It comes from FOLK SONGS OF MIDDLE TENNESSEE, The George Boswell Collection, edited by Charles K. Wolfe, and published by the University of Tennessee Press in Knoxville. Sorry, once again I don't have a date, but it's not real old. The head notes say:

"This version was collected from Clara Hamner in Clarksville on December 10, 1953. She had learned it from her mother, Marion Henry Hamner, who had been born in Clarksville in 1908. Marian(sic)Henry had learned it from her mother, Clara McCauley, born in the Clarksville area around 1882."

There is a wild boar in these woods,
Dellum dare, dellum,
He'll grind your bones and suck your blood,
Dellum dare, dellum,
Kitty ki, kum, (cudle down - on some verses).

Old Bangum, will you ride,
With sword and pistol by your side?

For to seek the wild boar in his den,
And there you'll find the bones of a thousand men,

Old Bangum took his wooden gun,
For to shoot the wild boar as he run,

Old Bangum took his wooden knife,
For to take away that wild boar's life,

Old Bangum took his wooden horn,
Old Bangum took his wooden horn,

Old Bangum blew both loud and shrill,
The wild boar heard on Temple Hill,

The wild boar came with such a rush,
He tore his way through brake and brush,

They fought all day and they fought all night,
The wild boar fled in the morning light,

He tracked the wild boar to his den,
And there he saw the bones of a thousand men,

Old Bangum slew that wild boar then,
And he saved the lives of a thousand men.

There is a tune, and you will find all of this on pages 8-10. It is interesting that Bangum does take a gun with him on this particular hunt, but that it is a "wooden" gun, along with his "wooden" knife and horn. Little boys have wooden knives, guns and perhaps horns. It is also interesting that by slaying this boar, Bangum saves the lives of a thousand men, even though a thousand have already paid dearly.