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Posted By: The Shambles
10-May-99 - 07:12 PM
Thread Name: Do the young (artists) die good?
Subject: Do the young (artists) die good?
There has been a few comments in the 'Worst Single Lines' thread, about Jim Morrison's merits or otherwise. There is at present a TV programme on about Louis Armstrong. Both good 'folk' singers, I know, but it got me thinking and I would welcome your views, on the subject of artist's dying young, or at least not continuing to create into their dotage.

The majority of the comments about Morrison were mainly to the effect that his appeal was mainly to out youthful need for an icon that our parents would hate and his work does not age well. Had he not died young I wonder what we would think of his output now? Because he died young we will probably always remember him, despite his relatively small contribution to music. There did however appear to be at least one loyal follower.

Louis Armstrong did continue to perform well into old age and seems unfortunately to be remembered for his later work, singing songs like 'Wonderful World'. The fact that he went on for a long time obscuring the true genius and impact of his earlier work.

It reaffirmed what I thought about "The young dying good".

I'm sure there are examples of this in our music too?


Whilst explaining the main gist of this to 'my old trouble and strife' and telling her about the total originality of Louis Armstrong's trumpet playing, she replied that "I thought he was a guitar player".