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Posted By: Rick Fielding
10-May-99 - 07:38 PM
Thread Name: Do the young (artists) die good?
Subject: RE: Do the young (artists) die good?
You're lucky Shambles, "Duckboots" wouldn't know and wouldn't care! Now Freddie Mercury and Dusty Springfield get her attention.

Sometimes when an artist dies young they are saved a lot of embarrassment. Sadly, ol' Satchmo was seen as an "uncle Tom" by his peers by the late thirties. He criticized publicly, virtually every new twist in jazz, including Charlie Parker and Dizzy, and said that Guy Lombardo was his FAVOURITE band! Just think what the reaction today would be if Louis had gotten hit by a truck after recording the "Hot Five" sessions. On the other hand tragedy spared us the sight of Bix joining the Lawrence Welk Orchestra in his later years. One of the great clarinetists of our day, Henry Cuesta, spent 20 years with Welk (probably earning a decent living) but is hardly ever mentioned by real jazz folk. Same thing for a lot of others. I love Elvis's first two if HE had died young, WOW!