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Posted By: Áine
31-Aug-02 - 11:34 AM
Thread Name: Help: mandolin (general discussion)
Subject: RE: Help: mandolin
Your welcome, derrymacash (we'll talk about reimbursement later - hahaha).

If any of you 'Catters have a fast enough 'net connection, you should try entering mandolin in the Search box at the top of the Forum page and pressing 'Go' . . . There's a bevy of threads on here, going back several years. Makes for some great reading; if, of course, you can bear to put down your favourite mando-baby for a minute. ;-)

In re the string discussion -- Does the kind of music you play on your mandolin dictate the kind of strings you use? I'm asking because I'm learning both bluegrass and Irish tunes on my little Fender, and I'm feeling like the sound is way too 'bright' sometimes when I attempt something I've heard ol' derrymacash do, like 'Madame Bonaparte'.

All the best, Áine