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Posted By: John Minear
02-Sep-02 - 07:22 AM
Thread Name: Wild Boar: History, Lyrics & Discussion-Child #18
Subject: RE: Wild Boar: History, Lyrics & Discussion
Well, according to my very rough count, we've managed to post 37 next texts and fragments of "Sir Lionel/Old Bangum" in addition to what was already available on Mudcat. They come from all over the place, from Scotland to New England to the Southern Appalachians to the Ozarks to China. I'm curious though. We don't seem to have anything from either Ireland or Australia. Did Sir Lionel not make it to either place? I'm also still looking for Dan Tate's version. And anything that anyone else comes up with in the future.

This particular thread is just about full and many of its postings are quite lengthy, so if the discussion continues we may need a part two. I'm still looking for history on the song - when did Sir Lionel become Old Bangum? Did this song pass through the American minstrel scene and when? Were there Civil War versions? Nimrod Workman claims in an introduction to his version of "Quilo Quay (The Boddler)" that his grandfather sang this song in the Revolutionary War. Where did "Quilo Quay" come from? It is one of the most unusual versions. Why didn't Bangum ever shoot the old boar with a rifle? Or even the pistol by his side? And what is this business about witchwives having pigs as their familiars? Can we trace any more specific lineages in specific family groupings or geographic areas, like the Harmon/Hicks versions? Did Bangum ever make it out West beyond Missouri and Arkansas and Oklahoma? Are there Canadian versions? Surely we are not done with this yet!