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Posted By: GUEST,Taliesn
04-Sep-02 - 02:56 AM
Thread Name: Where were the *psychics* on 9/11?
Subject: RE: Hey, Rev Bobert
(quote) "Taliesn:

One heck of a party ya' got ragin' here, my friend. Heck, if I knew you were throwin' it, I'd a shown earlier, brought my reso and done my famous " My Crystal Ball's in the Pawn Shop Blues" for the folks. "

Was wondering when y'all would weigh in here. I originally meant this thread with half a mind for folks to join in and contribute ideas for lines for a semi-humorous song along the lines of the "Sign of the Times Blues", but y'all can see what happened. Talk about the law of unintended consequences ,but "spiritied" discussion is healthy nonetheless.

I *love* the idea of " My Crystal Ball's in the Pawn Shop Blues" . Kinda comes under a varaition of the time-worn phrase " there oughta be a law " otherwise known as "there oughta be a song".

Anyway glad you came. A "lively" thread just ain't quite the same without a visit from the Right Rev Bobert.

Much oblidged Rev.