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Posted By: Mary in Kentucky
04-Sep-02 - 03:02 PM
Thread Name: Where were the *psychics* on 9/11?
Subject: RE: Where were the *psychics* on 9/11?
Amos, I agree wholeheartedly that we cannot superimpose objectivity on quality, (didn't Pirsig allude to the fact that we can go crazy doing this?), but I don't think the above discussion (number of people having dreams) is an incidence of quantifying a quality. Now if we were quatifying the substance/content of the dreams... "I rate this one a 10..." (Even in cases where this is used as a tool, the investigators (or people involved) understand the ground rules.) It's when we try to communicate (one of your favorite concepts *G*) and we don't all agree on the meanings of the words we use...

(I'm still waiting for a song on this one.)