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Posted By: Amos
05-Sep-02 - 09:36 AM
Thread Name: Where were the *psychics* on 9/11?
Subject: RE: Where were the *psychics* on 9/11?
You kids better play nice or I'm putting you in separate rooms, so help me!! :>)

Taliesn, relax. You're obviously intelligent and articulate and we can always use more of that around here. I don't care, FWIW, whether you've posted to pagan groups, architectural groups, or groups for coprovores!

Little collisions happen all the time in this medium, as I am sure you know. No need to get all stirred up. It's not to sweat over, pal.
I assure you from long acquainance that Peg is puredee Good People, and if you will just stop bristling like a pair of surprised kittens, I reckon you'll get along fine!