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Posted By: GUEST,Taliesn
05-Sep-02 - 10:07 AM
Thread Name: Where were the *psychics* on 9/11?
Subject: RE: Much Appreciated Amos
(quote) "I assure you from long acquainance that Peg is puredee Good People, and if you will just stop bristling like a pair of surprised kittens, I reckon you'll get along fine!"

Point well-taken and appreciated. I can be stubborn and ,at times ,give in to the passion of the debate when holding my ground . Then readily apologize , *especially* when I've been wrong, for feathers ruffled and have even on occasion offered a fistful of the one's that I've lost in the maelstrom to cover the bare patches I've caused.

I guess that's why it's a kind of tradition how two Irishmen , fresh from a fight , can then buy one or the other a drink in toasting of providing a *good* fight.

It's also understood in America why there are so many marriages between Irish & Italians; it's simple , they *fight* divinely ;-)