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Posted By: Mooh
05-Sep-02 - 11:57 AM
Thread Name: Good budget/student guitars
Subject: RE: Good budget/student guitars
(Alice, I think there's a typo in the description. The scale length is more likely 21". 31" is longer than a short scale bass. But a great link eh! Thanks! Even with Cdn exchange rates, there're a few deals there. Most of us could use a budget instrument(s) for loan or whatever purpose.)

Willie, thanks for doing our homework! I get these questions about availability of quality beginner instruments all the time. You've saved me some time.

My experience of the low-end Yamahas, from students who pass through my door, is not good. The leap in quality to the mid-range ones is substantial. However, the Seagull family of instruments, some quite inexpensive in Canada at least, is uniformly good. Their La Patrie classicals are a steal. The new line of Fender flat-tops is quit acceptable compared to their usual attempts, though they're not as cheap perhaps.

I usually suggest that people try out a few used instruments from reputable shops, and I will test-play an instrument for someone if they ask.

Peace, Mooh.