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Posted By: Bobert
05-Sep-02 - 12:39 PM
Thread Name: Where were the *psychics* on 9/11?
Subject: RE: Where were the *psychics* on 9/11?
Amos: Thanks fir the song. I'm amazed at your creativity and how you just seem to pull this stuff out while on the run. If it's possible for you to PM me the words, I'll record it and get you a copy. I'm sure there's a way I can print it but not too sure how. Last time I tried to print a post I got the whole danged thread.

Everyone Else: Ladies and gentlemen, The 1st judge scores the fight: Peg 113, Taliesn 111; the 2nd judge scores the fight: Taliesn 114, Peg 113 and the 3rd judge has it Taliesn 113, Peg 113. We have a draw!

Hey, what's everybody looking at? Move along, fight's over!

(Strange thing is that you two are both really intellegent and good people and it's time to just "let it be". It's like a scab at this point. Keep picking at it and it'll never heel. Hey, if it were excluslively about ideas then fine. But it has become a little too personal. I'd suggest taking that part into a quiet room.)

Now, as for "psychic phenomena (sp)", hmmmmmm, I haven't figured this one out but both my wife and myself have a knack for knowing what the other is thinking. Happens all the time. We're riding in the car and it's been afew minutes since either of us has spoken as we're consumed with the beauty of the ride and each in seperate thoughts (or one would think) and then one of us enevitably vocalizes that thought and, bang, you guessed it. And the stuff is so many times just so unrelated to what we had been conversing about earlier. And this happens *a lot*!

Bobert's 3 cents worth...