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Posted By: Willie-O
05-Sep-02 - 10:18 PM
Thread Name: Good budget/student guitars
Subject: RE: Good budget/student guitars
Yeah, I have a definite prejudice towards a real guitar--something with more to recommend it than six strings and a somewhat playable action. The Seagulls, the Fender (to my surprise, Fender despite their electric guitar cachet is not highly regarded for their acoustic instruments)and IMHO the Yamahas fit that bill.

Mooh, what kind of bad experiences have you run into with cheap Yamahas? Any particular model? They have made some very decent guitars over the years, especially in the pre-Martin-lawsuit era of course.

I don't know where all the used guitars have gone--no place I know in Ottawa has a decent selection now. Maybe they're all going south like the tractors. I don't doubt it. The giant sucking sound is stuff that gets bought for Canadian dollars up here and sold for US currency south of the US border.

Of course, there are occasionally good $100 guitars out there--private sales generally, and you'll never find one when you're in a hurry. I like to have a loaner guitar like that hanging around for the vaguely interested.

Did like that Sigma though. Anyone interested, it's at the Ottawa Folklore Centre.